Nighty, night, mommy.

Will I ever get to sleep again? Why is it that when my kids are 8 and 6 I still get woken up pretty much on a nightly basis?

Usually there's a good reason, but still sometimes they come wake me up just to tell me they need to go potty. ("then go") Last night we had a nightmare incident. I was so dead asleep that when I heard "mommy" in that horror movie kind of way, that I jumped a mile. I brought my daughter back to bed, tucked her in, told her it was all just pretend and she didn't need to worry, then I gave her a hug and kiss goodnight.

"Mommy, don't you want to hear about my nightmare?"

(Sigh. Almost got away.) "Of course I do, tell me what happened."

Then, at 5 am, I tried my mommy-best to listen intently to a story about a giant eel in the water that, if my memory serves me correctly, ended up eating me. Something along those lines. Poor baby, I feel awful for my daughter, she doesn't have a lot of nightmares, but when she does have them she thinks about them so much (we're not lucky enough to have that forget-it-when-you-wake-up gene) that she ends up having the same dream again and again.

Now, most people are probably thinking "Jeez, maybe the poor girl has some issues", but you have to know my daughter - she's just like me when I was her age - she has lots of issues. I used to be scared stiff to go to sleep. I used to be the only one in the house that locked the doors. I used to keep weapons nearby if I was home alone at night. So, she clearly gets this from me (unfortunately). But here I am, in my usual tank top and shorts getup, being the cheap mom I am that turns the heat way down at night, freezing my butt off while trying to help my daughter through her most recent drama.

So, I ask you parents of older-than-elementary-age kids - will I ever get to sleep through the night again? Or when they go off to college will I then be so riddled with worry that they will still keep me up at night without even living under the same roof?

More coffee, please......

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