This is my first blog post, well, not really.

You see I deleted the first two! lol. I don't now if I'm cut out for this blogging thing but here I go (again)...

All about me:

I'm a single mom, divorced, in a relationship, from a relatively huge and somewhat dysfunctional family. I have twin boys (age 6) and a daughter (age 8). She is so much like I was as a kid that it's terrifying. Seriously, she has all the same fears, worries - totally irrationally putting the weight of the world on her shoulders. I was not prepared for that one! My boys are crazy - one is Mr. Sensitive and the other is Class Clown, they don't even look much like brothers, let alone twins. They couldn't be more different, except that they both excel at Angry Birds. 

Ok, that was more about my kids. Oh well, that's how it goes, right? More about me - by profession I'm a graphic designer. I love it, I decided I wanted to be a designer when I was in 8th grade and for an art project I made an album cover (not a cd cover, not a digital avatar, an actual record cover) for INXS. But now I'm shifting my focus and working on a new project that's dedicated to helping coparents. Stay tuned on that one. I've immersed myself in everything coparenting (hence the name Two Happy Homes), and I have to say, although I'm no expert, I'm in love with my new job. 

One of my favorite things I'm doing right now is exploring other blogs, learning about this new world and "meeting" people that share the same interests as me. It's hilarious, inspirational, and educational all at the same time. Maybe some of them will even find their way here! Hello? Is anyone out there?

Here I go, hitting the post button (again)....

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