Co-parenting and depressing drop-offs

Usually drop-offs with the kids go pretty smooth.

They tend to be a little clingy, and they want to give me about 89 hugs and kisses before they go with dad, which is super sweet, so you gotta love that. But yesterday was a little tough.

You see, at almost every transition there is one of the three kids that want to stay with me. It's a bit heartbreaking, but I know it's normal and we find our way through it. I tell them how much I love them, that they can always call me, and how much fun they'll have with daddy. And I tell them about something they can look forward to when they get back.

But yesterday was different. None of them wanted to go. It was awful. (For me, anyway).

Now, I know this isn't a reflection on dad. They've had a pretty crazy, less than structured schedule lately. We're working on fixing that. So the back and forth on this particular day was rough for them. They just wanted to be here (as they would have normally been), they needed more time with me before another transition. Then to add insult to injury, as they're all asking me not to go, I have to walk away and shut the door, feeling like the worst mom ever. :(

So, I wonder what it's like for other coparents during transition time. Do you ever have problems with the kids not wanting to go? What do you do to make the drop off go more smoothly? Then how do you get over the feelings you have afterward?

I'm 100% sure my kids have forgotten all about it by now (right?), so I think it's probably harder on me than it is them sometimes, but, ugh, it can be quite heart wrenching, can't it?