Coparenting and swim class

It's the ultimate juggle, isn't it? Whether you're coparenting, stepparenting, or both - kids schedules these days are made even more crazy when 2 or more adults are trying to coordinate schedules.

For me, tomorrow will be a nice break when dad gets to take the kids to swim class, and they are certainly excited to show him all of the new things theyve learned. But these are the times when I also think "jeez, it would be easier to do it myself" than explain the following...

- don't forget to get there early, they need to rinse off before they get into the pool. there are 3 family bathrooms (for like 20 students), so you'll probably have to wait in line

- bring sandals so they don't have to walk on the nasty floor

- E will want to go to the ladies room to shower, but the boys are getting too old for that I guess, cause the last time I tried that I got a nasty look from a woman that clearly only has one daughter and doesn't know what it's like to deal with boy/ girl bathroom issues

- there is a lifeguard but please watch the boys cause they like to horse around and the college kid that's a lifeguard doesn't evoke feelings of confidence in me

- when they finally get out of the water (which you'll need to ask them several times, they're always the last ones out) then you'll need to wait (again) for a family bathroom so they can all get changed

- tip: use the shampoo they provide in the shower, it will save bath night at home

- once they finally stop fooling around and you get them dressed, just walk out quickly, so as to avoid more nasty looks from parents waiting for the family rooms (mind you, they're in for the next class, everyone from our class is home by now)

Oh, did I forget to say the class is only 1/2 hour long?

Totally worth it.