Morning ritual - how crazy is yours?

So this is pretty much how mornings go around here...

6:30 am - one of the boys are usually in bed with me by then, talking just occasionally enough to let me fall barely asleep, only to be waken a few seconds later and pulling me once again back into reality, where my son can't find his ruffie and wants me to go into their room to find it, inevitably waking up the other twin. But that's fine, we snuggle so it's all good.

7:00 am - kids are usually watching tv, playing on the computer, etc., while I scramble around to get 3 different breakfasts together - peanut butter and apple butter sandwich, cereal, and a bagel this morning.

7:30 am - I check my email, then look at the time and realize they should probably start getting ready for school, so I gather their clothes

8:00 am - I asked enough times, they're still not dressed, I shut off the tv.

8:10 am - Starting to freak out now. The bus comes at 8:35, they still need to finish getting dressed, pack their snacks, get their backpacks ready, brush their hair.

8:18 - "Ok, let's go! We need to go outside soon!" More procrastinating.

8:23 - "Come on! I'm going outside, who's coming with me?!"

8:27 - "You are going to miss the bus! Let's go!"

8:32 - I run to the bottom of the driveway to see if it's coming. It's not. All 3 kids are outside. I take a deep breath.

8:36 - Kids are on the bus, they've actually never missed it. But now I feel awful for getting angry, and to boot they're at dad's for 3 days so I hate that we had a bad send off.

So what happens in your house? I seriously need other moms to tell me how your morning routines go. Is it just as hectic? Cause sometimes I feel like I must be the worst mom ever for getting so frustrated. And if not, how do you keep it from getting that way?? Help! (Sniff. Sniff.)

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