Divvying up co-parenting chores

Parenting life is crazy, but co-parenting life can just be downright nuts!

I've been thinking lately of all of the responsibilities that parents have - the ones that, when you're in a one-parent household, can get out of control. You're not only trying to get everything done, but also divvy up which coparent gets to do what.

Take my post Coparenting and swim class, for example, where I spell out how complicated a simple swim class can feel when you are working with two households. For some reason, the drama feels multiplied. A simple chore seems to take over your day.

So I'm wondering what everyone thinks would define a "coparenting chore"? This is my shot at creating a list of tasks that coparents need to handle...

1. Doctors Appointments! This is a biggie, majorly time consuming - taking time off of work, taking kids out of school, etc.

2. Birthday Parties. In my house, with multiple kids, this duty becomes one that often needs to be shared between coparents, especially when they were a bit younger and needed a parent to attend.

3. Sick Days. I also put snow days into this category. Again, it's major time off of work and happens so suddenly that there's no time to plan. So who drops what they're doing for the day and handles the situation?

4. Classes. Soccer. Swimming. Gymnastics. Practices, games, driving, fitting in dinner, etc., etc. Need I say more?

5. Errands. Shoppping, going to the pharmacy, signing them up for camp, etc., etc. These sometimes seem never ending!

Sure, these are all everyday parenting things, but with co-parents when do we have to figure out who does what? How is it split? Or is just that when it's your time with the kids then you get to handle it? And if that's the case, does it really ever work out that way?

How do you handle parenting chores between two houses? What would you add to this list?