Turning the corner

A simple thought for a Friday post...

Most days my kids get on the bus and head off to school from my place. Most days it's a crazy, hectic morning, and usually I get flustered at one point or another, and end up disappointed in myself for getting upset. Eventually we head out to the bus, and I get to have a few precious minutes to tell them that they did a great job, and I love them and that I hope they have a good day.

See, once when my daughter was young, probably a toddler, I read something, in some parenting book or another, that will stick with me for the rest of my life. It said that when a child a child sees their parent, maybe coming home from school, or picking them up in daycare, that it makes a huge difference in their life if they see their mom or dad light up at the sight of their kids. It's such a small thing, and I truly feel like this is second nature to me anyway, but I try to to remember it, even if I've had a long day, or I have a headache, or if I didn't get my work done before the bus pulls up. I always smile bright when my kids get off of that bus.

Which brings me back to the morning. Everyday I give them hugs and kisses before they get on the bus, I wave and blow kisses to them as they pull away. I often chuckle to myself at how the cars waiting behind the bus must be saying things like "cut the cord, lady!!" but I don't really care about them. And when the bus turns the corner I'm still waving, even if they're not, even if they've moved on to talking to their friends. Because I never want them to turn around and see me walking away. I always want to be there waving, for whatever turns they may take throughout their lives.

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