Integrity, Zen, and Oprah

So, I've been feeling particularly Zen today, and it has me thinking a lot about living life with integrity. You know, how Oprah is always saying to be your authentic self, or something like that? Or is it live your authentic life? Yeah, so anyway...

In the spirit of feeling particularly enlightened, I thought I would share with you a few thoughts about how to get your own Zen on, and how I got here myself... at least for today... ask me again tomorrow... when I have to go camping... and start packing my house... and... ok, moving on... in no particular order...

1. Don't worry, be happy. (So annoying isn't it??) Seriously though, life gets crazy, and right now I'm going through buying and selling houses, moving to a new town and schools, dealing with crazy family issues, court dates, running two businesses, etc., etc. But I am happy, I mean really, really happy about where my life is right now. Even though there is a lot on my plate (but everyone's life can basically suck sometimes right?) - that just means embracing the good things even when it seems they are few and far between. Taking a few moments each day to appreciate (fill in the blanks) in your life. Changing your outlook on life can be, well, um, life-changing.

2. Move on. My ex just got remarried. And I've been blessed with the kids having an awesome stepmom (whew!). Couldn't be happier for them, and I know how lucky I am here, but it's still all about attitude. I mean, I'm sure that if I wanted to I could come up with reasons to hate her, or him - everyone has flaws after all - and just having an ex usually provides plenty of juicy material for just such purposes. But where would that get me? A life of misery, bitterness, and hatred? No thanks. I'd rather consider us one big family than one that is torn apart.

3. Accept that you can't change people. They have to want to change themselves. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that some people are just happy being unhappy. I'm all for helping people when they are ready to be better, but entertaining someone else's choice to live in misery is just fueling their miserable fire. Don't enable the drama. It's not helping anybody, least of all you.

4. Make choices you can be proud of. Heck, make choices your kids would be proud of. The decisions you make in life are a big part of what you will be remembered for. They are how you show the world your true character. 

5. Of course, sometimes we all make mistakes too. I have. I've said and done things that I later realized were inconsiderate or insensitive, to varying degrees. Some of them I may never forgive or forget. All anyone can do is take those decisions, dig yourself out of the hole in which you placed yourself (see above), and learn from them - making yourself a better, more authentic person. (Booyah Oprah!)

6. Make your glass half full. I've always said I'm optimistic, but truly I consider myself a glass half full person, I can find the good side of (pretty much) any situation. A positive attitude also rubs off on other people. I think my kids are also very optimistic, and that's a great quality for them to have as they go through life. 

I think I may even rubbing off on my boyfriend, who is naturally a glass half empty kind of person. But even he seems to be very Zen these days, which of course makes me love him even more. See how that works? Good for everyone. What goes around comes around (in a good way, of course ;)

Let's face it, it's entirely possible that you found some or all of this post seriously annoying. That's ok, it's probably almost impossible to be this upbeat all at one time. Take what you can use and leave the rest for another day, you never know when you may need it.