What exactly is Two Happy Homes?

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We make everyday communication simple and easy for coparents.

Coparenting can be tough. Divorced parents, single parents, and step families all have a challenge when dealing with parenting between two households. That's eaxctly what we're here to help with. We provide coparents with the tools that they need to communicate better and organize their busy lives - and their kids!

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Keeping in touch is a cinch. 
Co-parenting doesn't have to require a degree in communication. We make organizing everyday information simple and easy - all in a secure, neutral environment. Talk to your coparent through the NoteBoard, track finances and pay expenses online, and keep all of your vital family information in one easy place. Your own family Dashboard keeps all of your most important information at your fingertips.

Save time by keeping all of your kid and family information in one place. 
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A shared family calendar organizes activities and events, while keeping communication easy for busy coparents. Eliminate confusion, which can be time consuming, so you have more time to spend with your kids, and less time organizing between two households.

Organize all of your family information in one safe place. 
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Kids have busy lives! School, child care, sports, activities - all of these can have parents in two houses wondering how they can possibly keep it together. You can store contact information, keep track of dues and fees, plus schedule the entire family's activities in one place - easy to access from anywhere! Plus store important medical information such as provider info, prescription and insurance information and instructions, and keep track of dentist and doctor visits.

Store and share photos and important documents. 
Miss the soccer game? We make sharing photos simple, so you never have to miss those special moments with the kids. Plus no more scrambling for birth certificates or insurance documents! Keep all of your vital files all in one secure place.

Get the support you need in our community. 
Get advice and tips from our Experts, as well as support from other coparents in our forum, or check out our blog to see what we've been sharing with you these days. Ask a question, lend a hand to another parent, or just check out the latest scoop and stories from other crazy co-parenting lives!

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